Let us go back in time, to a more peaceful, more enchanted instance; five thousand years ago, to be exact. That is when Madaba was born; a city so ancient, so enchanted. Famous for its mosaics, Madaba is most well-known for its 6th century cartographic map: the oldest depiction of the Holy Land. In the Byzantine era, Madaba grew to become one of the most significant cities in Jordan.

In the very heart and soul of Madaba, a magical 20th century house was created next to the famed church that houses the legendary mosaic map of the Holy Land. Haret Jdoudna first came to life when Romero Groups' Zaid Goussous teamed up with Ibrahim and Waddah Jumean. They had a vision… to transform a historical property into a magical village of restaurants, coffee shops and a traditional Jordanian Souk and Crafts Market.

From the moment it came to life, Haret Jdoudna was linked to Madaba, as was Madaba associated with Haret Jdoudna. Until our present day, it lives on to be a place where time seizes to exist, bringing together the past, present and future of an ancient city, Madaba. It is perceived as a well-known landmark and one of the best restaurants in Jordan.

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