Before Haret Jdoudna came to life, the restaurant was previously an ancient historical house located in Roman Madaba; the host of the unique and precious mosaics. Modern Madaba was then established by Christian Arab settlers who migrated in the early 19th century from Karak, a town south of Jordan.

Ibrahim Jumean, who first built the house in 1905 with the expertise of world-renowned architects, was Madaba’s first Mayor. Until two decades ago, the restaurant and its surrounding structures were home to the Jumean family. His Majesty King Abdullah I was a frequent guest of Ibrahim Jumean, Mayor of Madaba and an honorary brigadier general in the Jordanian army, then known as the Arab Legion. He was succeeded as Mayor by his brother Yacoub and later his son Adel.

with a shared vision for this phenomenal landmark, Zaid Goussous, Ibrahim & Waddah Jumean being friends and grandsons of the founders, teamed up to invent new history:                
Haret Jdoudna.


Adel Jumean Yacoub Jumean  

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